Week 13 Reflection: Miami Device, A Fantastic Conference Experience


Silvia-Tolisano-Logo250xFor my reflection for this week I choose to do Miami Device, A Fantastic Conference Experience. Wes and Silvia talk at a lot of conferences, and at times it can be rare for them to attend a conference without having to be responsible for a keynote or facilitating serval sessions. Although that did happen for them, they were able to attend MiamiDevice, a first year conference put on by Felix and his Saints Stephens Episcopal School team in Coconut Grove, Florida. They really enjoyed their experience at the conference, there were many fantastic breakout sessions. Below are some of the notes they took from the conference, however they are not your traditional yellow notepad. Notes from Wes and Silvia are more in the form of tweets, or sketchnotes. Sketchnotes is one aspect of this conference that I will take with me, some students already like to doodle so why not show them a way to take notes by doodling. This would probably help more students who struggle to stay more focused in class.


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