Using the Canva App: My First Infographic

unnamedThis week I created a poster and an infographic using the app Canva. Before this experience I have never used the Canva app before. After using it, I have grown to love it! This is app is a great way to incorporate color and visual aids into the classroom. I can definitely see myself using this app in my future classroom. Students will be able to use creativity and express their individuality while putting together important information in an infographic, which will help information stick with them by creating a deep understanding. The infographic I decided to make was about  how pollination works. Normally this is a topic that can be kind of boring to some students, however having them create an infographic can help make it more enjoyable. Other projects you can make in  Canva are posters, invites, banners, along with much much more. It is a great way to add excitement into the classroom, or have visual reminders for students. I would recommend this app to anyone who has a hard time being creative, one reason is how user friendly Canva is to someone new to the app. There are also tutorials that help show you how to navigate through the app! I can not wait to use infographics in the future or decorate my classroom with colorful posters!


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